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October 31, 2012

I’ve known Carly for many years and we recently got back in contact when she wrote to me on FB after randomly spotting me in Surry Hills. Many moons ago I taught Carly dancing and even back then she had this gorgeously contagious smile. I asked her if she’d like to do a shoot with her boyfriend Trent and they were really excited at the suggestion. We met in Hyde Park and had a great afternoon with a lot of laughter.

This was such enjoyable shoot, these guys were happy to do any of the silly icebreakers I threw at them, from running around a light pole chasing each other to piggy back rides. They had so much energy and I knew that this would be the perfect direction for their shoot to capture their fun personalities in action.

Once they got warmed up, they really seemed to just forget that the camera was even there and they were naturally animated. I was able to just capture every moment while providing very little direction. It was a slightly overcast day with a few peeps of sunlight between the clouds. This allowed me to capture just enough colour from the buildings behind the trees as you see in the Quadtych. This matched perfectly with the tones that they were wearing and complements Carly’s beautiful expressions.

I love that even their more intimate shots still showed an element of playfulness. To add to the light hearted atmosphere, I took advantage of the flowerbed blooming behind them, adding a fun pop of colour. This is young love at its best!

Carly and Trent, Engagement (1)

Carly and Trent, Engagement (2)

Carly and Trent, Engagement (3)

Carly and Trent, Engagement (4)

Carly and Trent, Engagement (5)

Carly and Trent, Engagement (6)

October 16, 2012

I just got my hands on my new Nikon D4 (thanks to our friends at Nikon on Broadway)! I took it our for a spin in Hyde park with my hubby and had some fun in the sun. The blown out pavement really shows him off, he could pass as a model in a Boss ad in these shots. It was a beautiful day and definitely an ideal location for stunning wedding shots or even a relaxed engagement shoot.

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